PET Plastic Products

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What are PET Plastics?

PET Plastics are some of the more commonly discussed plastics when searching for solutions for drinking water. Unlike other types of plastics, polyethylene terephthalate is considered safe and is represented on water bottles with the number "1", indicating it is a safe option. These plastics are a type of thermoplastic polymer resin, useful in various applications including in synthetic fibre production, in containers containing food and in thermoforming applications.

Uses For PET Plastic Products in Everyday Life

There are both industrial- and consumer-related uses for PET plastics. The following are some examples of the most common uses for polyethylene their phthalate:

Why do manufacturers turn to PET plastics when they could choose other types of materials that may be more readily available? PET plastics are durable and strong. Most applications can be used repeatedly (recycling is a possibility with these products). In addition, it is transparent, making it quite versatile for various applications. It is resealable; because it is easy to mold into any shape, it is easy to seal.