Plastic Companies In South Africa

Plastic Accent was established in 1996 as a family business, Plastic Accent has grown to create a competitive position in the industry during this period. This makes it one of South Africas Plastic Company. Shoudl our customers have any queries or need for plastic products we have what they need. Our website displays the products that we have available for our clients. 

Plastic Accent modern production facility has been designed and equipped to facilitate projects from preparation through to distribution. We take extreme pride in our people, equipment and the innovative solutions we deliver.

Plastic Accent is committed to transformation and adding value beyond the bottom-line contributing to the development of our team. Skills development and training is a priority at Plastic Accent and substantial investment in the training of employees as well as enhancing the standard of the industry we operate in.

Years of experience and expertise has resulted in a team of professionals who have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the conversion of plastic into tangible products.

In addition, to ensure a smooth transition to product realisation, Plastic Accent will assist you make a seamless integration from the old to the new.

There are many advantages of Plastic Bottles 

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